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    Dac Dia Home ( is a of any Phu Hung Creation Co., Ltd. dedicated to delivering free property posting professional services including: rent, sell, Buy and lease shift. If you are looking for real estate in Vung Tau, cheap real estate investment, please come to us to be involved in the professional selling and buying process.

    Prestigious expenditure home

    Dac Dia Property is an intermediary system attaching buyers, tenants and sellers, renting on the basic principle of equality, transparency, dealings around the principle of voluntary and coverage based on law.

    All those planning to offer can publish on our website without having profile. Really simple and easy.

    We do not take part during this process of negotiating, rates items, not engaging in the purchase process of sellers, buyers and lessorsrenters and buyers. We are only a reputable intermediary that hooks up men and women who wish to offer and those that want to buy jointly.

    The parties active in the real-estate selling and rental purchases should self-evaluation and be accountable for all private information, property and real estate professional services when participating in the deal.

    The poster should have all obligation for the information published on In case a complaint arises, the poster is responsible for providing paperwork certifying info linked to the debatable event, complaint to along with the complainant. In all cases, the Marketer is responsible for dealing with all boasts created by the claimant pertaining to real-estate and its particular connected real estate services (if any).

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