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  • Rowe Romero posted an update 2 months ago

    ATLANT can be a Belarusian – Ukrainian firm, which is dependant on the production of freezers, a variety of family home appliances, in addition to their components (including compressors for freezers and electric motors for washing machines. The organization posseses an online shop ATLANT, where every one of these electronic products and factors can be bought.

    Ukrainian Atlant is the established car dealership of Atlant. In the existence of this business you will findfreezers and refrigerators, torso freezers, automatic washers, various industry equipment as well as their parts.

    Also, besides the distribution of household kitchen appliances, the producer gives warranty and post-warranty restoration of equipment, and markets original parts all through Ukraine. You can find 70 assistance centres in Ukraine, as well as their amount is continually growing.

    Shipping and payment

    Inside the company online store, only certified and authentic equipment comes. The Atlant web shop acquires definitely all electric powered equipment by straight shipping and delivery through the manufacturer’s storage place from your city of Minsk on the storage place within the city of Kiev.

    On buy, your client will pay for his purchase with one of 5 different settlement alternatives:

    You may spend for the courier in cash upon invoice of your order;

    You can buy your order by visa or mastercard VISA or Mastercard straight in the online store;

    It is actually possible to pay out by financial institution transfer on the company’s checking account;

    It is possible to organize an installment program at Per cent;

    You can obtain a bank loan.

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